Food & Clothes Guide

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The Food & Clothes Guide is our new brochure which collects many different services with topics such as Food and Clothes, and can be used by New Scots and Scottish citizens alike. We developed this brochure, so that you can find very useful services in your area and a lot of information about the collected services. There are also maps in this brochure and online you can access our personal Google MyMaps group to easily find all places described in this booklet (see below)!

The Food & Clothes Guide uses simple language, allowing anyone with little reading and English skills to understand and use it!

You can start by reading the instruction pages (pages 1-2): This will show you how to best use this booklet! If you want to start quickly, take a look at the table of contents and search for a category, or type of service, which you are interested in.

Cranhill Development Trust is always here to help! If you have a problem or questions about this brochure, please contact us. We will be very happy to help you!

As Food & Clothes Guide is new, we need your help! Please tell your family and friends about the brochure and inform us about useful services and activities you have found!

Our Google MyMaps Map


For a wider view of similar facilities throughout Glasgow City please see our partners Urban Roots Community Meals and Foodbanks map

Download the Food & Clothes Guide from the link