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We know how challenging it can be to find and keep a job at any age. We know also how difficult it can be to take that first step after a long time away from work, or what it’s like to find a new job later in life after a long career with the same employer.

Our  specialist staff and resources are available as and when needed, and in the right way for each person who comes to us. Whatever your circumstances, we can help you with things that can make a real difference to your chances. These include getting online, jobsearch, writing CVs, completing application forms, interview skills training and interview preparation. A lot of these happen in our relaxed and friendly, drop-in workclub sessions.

We have strong partnerships with other agencies in the city that help us to know about jobs as they become available. Some of our partners are based in our building and can meet you here to help out too.

There are also many opportunities to develop your personal skills by joining some of our classes and courses. Have a look at our current calendar to see what’s happening and when.